Contemplating the Marathon

I have been thinking about running a marathon for a few years. With me hitting my 50’s a few years ago, the goal either needs to be to finish one soon or it’ll never happen. As my knees age, they are feeling the distance I am covering with each run, with each week, with each month more every time. The Jeff Galloway method has been a godsend. It has allowed further distances with less pain and much shorter recovery times. While the longest road distance I’ve covered so far with the Galloway method is just about a 10K. Living in New England and being a cold weather running wimp, I did it with little road training but many treadmill runs.

Logically, the only marathon that I would run would be my hometown one in Hartford, Connecticut. The marathon is fairly flat, runs partially through my town, and is early enough in October to bring typically cool weather without it being cold. October 12th is just 183 days from today. Six full months. Six short months. It’s all about perspective.

There are a few big questions about running a fall marathon that I need to consider:

  • Can I commit to getting to bed early every Friday for early Saturday long runs?
  • Do I train with a team or go this solo?
  • How serious can I get with this whole cross training thing?
  • Can I actually cross train and not feel guilty about not running?
  • How will I handle long runs in the heat of the summer?
  • Can I go from where I am in my training today to full marathon distance in 6 months?

Once I can answer these questions, I’ll have my goal set. For now, it’s time to investigate training plans and just get out there.