Joy, then horror in Boston

Boston Marathon Finish LineAnger is an understatement. I cannot put into words how bitter I am right now. The events that unfolded in Boston yesterday afternoon left me somewhat in shock and disbelief. How one human can conceive of, then execute setting off bombs in a place as sacred to runners as the finish line of the Boston Marathon? The fact that runners, future runners, and spectators had mostly lower torso (leg) wounds makes it worse. You cannot run if you cannot walk.

I knew many running yesterday. All that I know were safe, either by finishing before 4:10 or by being diverted just shy of the finish line. A classmate of my daughter has an uncle that is currently in critical condition and being treated for his injuries. While I don’t know the names or conditions of anyone else, I know that the running community will pull together and help those injured or the families of those killed. Runners always help and always stick together. We are a family in that way, and a very determined one at that.

Running is a very personal sport. It’s your legs, your body, your will to start, your will to finish. Yesterday’s events made this much more public. It will certainly make many who may have a marathon in their future question if they should continue. So if this event changes your mind, reach out to your extended running family. We’ll get over this and move on, stronger for the challenge that lies before us.