Brickworks Building Products and leading designer Adam Goodrum, created Kite Breeze, a contemporary reimagining of the celebrated 1960s and 70s Modernist-era construction staple, the breeze block.

We were engaged by Sydney based creative studio Moffitt Moffitt, who had developed the brand collateral, to create the project’s launch video.

We collaborated with Luxx using a 3D approach to combine photo-realistic renders with surreal scenarios, to showcase the breeze block’s versatility and features using patterning options, colours and finishes.


Brand Agency — Moffitt Moffitt
3D & Animation — Never Sit Still
Additional 3D — Luxx

Selected shots from the launch video.

Storyboards to convey ideas for each shot.

3D look dev to test materials and lighting.

Product designer, Adam Goodrum, with Kite Breeze.