Cat Amongst The Pigeons is a winery that exists to do things differently, crafting award-winning wines celebrating and reimagining the hallowed terroir of the Barossa, Australia’s premier wine region.

With a strong concept, storyboards and art direction from Weave, we were engaged to bring the Cat Amongst The Pigeons story to life in motion. With a slew of technical challenges to overcome, we embraced a variety of production techniques, including 2D, 3D, live action, cel animation, and clever compositing to cohesively tie all the animated elements together.

The result is a short, engaging story about this unique Barossa winery that embodies individualism and authenticity.


Client — Cat Amongst The Pigeons
Brand Agency — Weave
Storyboards — Weave
Sound Design — Smith & Western
Animation — Never Sit Still

Selects from 'When You Know' animation.

Early R&D for compositing of live action footage (framerate, texture, linework, edge fidelity & shadow treatment).

R&D for styling of 3D cat for better control of choreography (level of detail, lighting & shadow treatment).

Exploration of level of detail & fidelity in distant background characters.

Exploration of 2D puppet rigs to emulate live action movement.

Exploration of live action vs. 3D hand rig, as well as style treatment for soil spill
(high contrast footage, solid fill, particle simulation & gestural strokes).

Early exploration of level of detail & realism within 3D scenery.

Exploration of type animation (ink bleed reveals vs. classic streamlined eases).

Exploration of match cuts to/from wine label in product shot, and stylistic transitions between wider scenes.

Out Of Home designs developed using key visuals created for the hero brand campaign video.

15s and 6s cutdowns of the 'When You Know' campaign video in various formats.