First organized ride of the year

Today, I am joining my first MeetUp organized ride of the year. The first one was last Saturday, but I was already in Orlando when the ride started. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and really testing out my new Specialized Roubaix bike. I purchased the bike in March, after bonuses were distributed. This was more expensive than I originally thought I’d spend, but fell in love with the bike during a couple of test rides.

I’ve ridden about 8 miles on one ride, but never as far as this, and not this far outside since last fall. The weather should be gorgeous with a high of 70 today so in the 50s and 60s for the ride. It’ll be sunny all day, at least once the rest of the fog burns off. I will need to get the bike adjusted once I have a few more rides under my belt, but needed to wait until the weather was better. The roads are still a mess, but cleanup has started and big potholes should be filled soon. The deep freeze this winter did a number on the roads, causing the moisture way under the roadways to freeze, ultimately pushing up through the roads. Today should be interesting with a large (30+) group finding and avoiding the potholes.