We make our way in. We dig, build and craft. We collaborate with thinkers, dreamers and makers. We work with images, sound and colour. We play with numbers, space and time. We push the possibilities of motion. We push ourselves. We make the most of today. We look forward to tomorrow. We never sit still.

  • 01 Brief

    We get to know you, your business and your brief. Together we plan out the scope, process, timeline, and the budget. Once we are all on the same page, we dive in.

  • 02 Research & Development

    We explore possibilities, find references and discuss approaches. We experiment with how the elements move, how they feel, how they can help tell the story. We evaluate, iterate, and repeat.

  • 03 Script

    Words are important. A crafted and considered script that connects with your audience can be the centrepiece of a visual story. Not all projects need a script, but when they do, we can help develop one with you.

  • 04 Storyboards

    Everything starts with pencil and paper. We put all our ideas and concepts down, then we order, edit and arrange them until we all agree the story is taking shape.

  • 05 Voiceover

    A good story is made great when spoken by the right voice. We can facilitate casting, recording sessions and editing to ensure every word has worth.

  • 06 Design

    We design using a range of styles and approaches — 2D, 3D, illustration, photography, film, typography — to create a look and feel that’s both appropriate and unique for your story.

  • 07 Music

    Finding the right music to match the emotion of your story is crucial. We can search for production music or even compose an original score. We’ll then edit and arrange it to make sure the motion sings.

  • 08 Animation

    This is where everything starts to move. We take the storyboards, design direction and the audio, and bring them together on-screen so your story comes to life.

  • 09 Sound design

    We work closely with the audio team to craft sound effects and audio mixing to help everything feel, and sound, that little bit more polished.

  • 10 Mastering

    Mastering is about fine-tuning everything for dispatch. We prepare your files to the required specifications, and then supply you and your media team with exactly what you need to launch your video.