Dec 20, 2022

As we entered 2022, COVID-19 was still in full force with the Omicron strain making headlines. A far more contagious variation with tens of thousands of cases in Australia by the end of January.

Health authorities encouraged us to work from home if possible, and face masks were mandatory in public. Fortunately there were no more lockdowns, and this remained throughout the remainder of 2022.

Our studio was a ghost town for the first couple of months of the year, although our team had well and truly settled into working remotely. Thankfully we managed to stay very busy with client work, and business continued as ‘almost’ usual.

Team growth

With the increased number of projects coming our way, our team continued to grow with 6 new hires across the year. Darcy Green joined as our second producer when Sharon Lim returned from parental leave, and the creative team flourished with Supriya Bhonsle, Jimmy Vallance, Howe Tom, Max Cao and Chantelle Micallef coming on board as motion designers.

Studio move

As the team grew and more people returned to the office, our studio felt like it was bursting at the seams. Every desk was occupied, and extra computers had been placed on our meeting room table to support the growth. The time had come to look for a bigger office, and we found an awesome space that was four times the size only one block away, so in September we moved into our spiffy new studio.

Internship program

For the first time, we were able to host an intern. Up until now, we haven’t had the room, the time, or the resources to give justice to an internship program. Our new studio offered the space, and our senior team had an appetite to develop a graduate with the intention of being able to offer them a job at the end. We were lucky to find Isabelle Trudgian, a UTS VisCom graduate who demonstrated a solid understanding of design concepts, along with well developed animation skills. We were stoked to have Izzie with us at Never Sit Still.

Industry contribution

Our team contributed to the industry with a variety of talks and workshops. Node Fest is Australia’s dedicated motion conference, an important event on our calendar. With Zoe Crocker on the line up as a keynote speaker, along with Mike Tosetto running a workshop, the team took a field trip to Melbourne for the two day event. And our very own Jimmy Vallance won the Node Ident comp, a huge accomplishment considering the calibre of idents submitted.

Mike and Zoe both spoke at The Design Conference in Brisbane. Mel and Mulanne ran a motion masterclass at SAE in Sydney. We also started our own internal workshops, which we’ve fondly named Never Sit Skills, learning sessions where specialised knowledge is shared with the rest of team. So far we’ve had an intro to cel animation, along with an intro to Cinema 4D.

Work work work

With over 150 projects of all shapes and sizes completed throughout the year for clients across Australia, the US, Europe, and Asia, we continued strengthening our existing relationships and building new ones. There are too many awesome projects to mention in this post, but please pop over to our Projects page and Behance to check out our work.


For the selected awards shows we enter, lots of our projects were finalists and some of them went on to win awards. Oculus was shortlisted at D&AD, Adobe and Oculus took bronze at the Best Awards, Shaype was awarded silver at AEAF, and Adobe and STL picked up three Distinctions and a Judges Choice at the ADGA Awards. On top of all that, our intern Isabelle Trudgian won the only Student Motion Distinction awarded by AGDA. Congrats Izzie!

Happy holidays

Here's to another year of collaboration, creation, and innovation. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey in the new year as we strive to push the boundaries of motion even further. Let’s make 2023 another one to remember. Happy holidays from all of us at Never Sit Still!