Bugatti is the prestigious luxury car manufacturer known for producing some of the world's fastest and most exclusive vehicles, embodying the epitome of automotive excellence and performance.

In partnership with Interbrand, we breathed life into Bugatti’s remarkable new brand identity.

Transcending the realms of luxury, this captivating motion identity artfully conceals and reveals its elements through the interplay of light. Creating a dramatic yet exquisitely refined brand experience.

We crafted meticulous templates and guidelines, empowering Bugatti to seamlessly carry this vision into the future.


Client — Bugatti
Brand Agency — Interbrand Cologne
Brand Design — Interbrand Cologne
Animation — Never Sit Still
Sonic Branding — Smith & Western

Bugatti motion branding applications.

Guide for cropping and resizing 6k illustration.

Chiaroscuro light painting illustrations.

Chiaroscuro transitions in context.​​​​​​​

3D technique for chiaroscuro light painting.

Early R&D and motion exploration.