Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenised future with the TokenScript framework, token centric middleware that connects the scale of Web2 with the promise of Web3.

We worked directly with Smart Token Labs to gain a solid understanding of their platform, before conceptualising and building a cohesive design language to visually explain their innovative, complex technology.

The suite of 3D assets we created was used for marketing collateral, including the new TokenScript website and Litepaper. Once the design language had been defined, we brought the visual assets to life in motion, creating a hype reel to explain the power and potential of this sophisticated platform.


Client — Smart Token Labs
Product — TokenScript
Concept, Design, Motion — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Menura Sound
Additional Render Support - Smoosh Workstations

Selected clips from the TokenScript film.

3D assets that form the visual language.

3D assets that form the visual language.

3D assets for website and Litepaper.

3D look development.

Token wrapping exploration.

R&D and exploration.

2D Illustrations and custom typeface.

Sketches and storyboards.