August 2018 Update

When I last wrote this blog, I was a few years younger and still trying to be a runner. Since heading full fledged into the divorce, my desire to take out my aggression due to a failing marriage have fallen by the wayside. Since then, I have met my best friend, my true soulmate. Our families met originally outside of Boston around 1631. They travelled together to found Hartford, Connecticut in 1633 or so. So for more than 375 years, our families have been together. She is just about 10 years my junior, so keeps me on my toes. She and I met at work, with my divorce in the rear view mirror and hers in progress. We were friends first, bemoaning the past and ongoing divorces, until we just realized that we could be friends first, there to support each other. Friends first, then we realized that we were truly destined to be together. A year + later, we eloped and started the rest of our lives together.

With the divorce, I was blessed to get a now-15 year old stepson. Being under the driving age, he gets taken everywhere when he’s with us (split custody arrangement), other than when he can take his bike. We live near a phenomenal bike path that is part of the East Coast Greenway, linking Maine to Florida (although it’s not 100% completed). Ironically, I rode on this path multiple times before I ever knew my wife existed.

One issue with our doing physical things together is that my wife has a medical condition that prevents her from engaging in strenuous cardio activity. The oxygen just doesn’t bind to her blood cells the same way that most people’s do. So, while walking on a path is fine, running on the same is not. Also, she’s afraid of bikes, so biking is out for her. But, as she just hit another birthday, it’s time for the two of us to get serious about getting back in shape. It’s time to join the YMCA near us and get back into doing whatever each of us finds enjoyable at a time that works for each of us. It will be both together and separate and we will both be better for it.

I’d be kidding myself if I thought it won’t introduce stress into our lives, but for a great outcome, I’m willing to give it a go.

Cabo infinity pool

Sitting on my butt

I am so seemingly unmotivated lately. You see, I am in the process of moving out as part of a divorce (mutually agreed upon), but have been trying to figure out what the heck to take, where to put it, and how to get it there. I have a new apartment that comes with a full gym and indoor lap pool, open from very early in the morning (4:30) until late each evening (10:30) – seven days a week. I will no longer have an excuse for not making it to the gym, once I am actually sleeping in my new apartment.

Yesterday, I figured out that I have no place to put my workout gear without moving the shelf that I currently use in my laundry room to the new place. The problem is that either it is too small for my stuff or I have too much workout gear (say it isn’t so!). I am also moving my bike up there either today or tomorrow, trying to figure out where to put that as well. I have to be careful of not getting dirt on the new carpet, so will need to put something under the wheels.

The one thing that I am both looking forward to yet fearing is swimming. I know that swimming laps is great exercise – zero impact, go at my own pace kind of exercise. With that, I am not looking forward to figuring out exactly how poorly my form is. I never really learned to swim other than to keep from drowning. I can definitely swim some, just not with any form. So, I will get in the water and simply try to figure it out. Maybe some fit person will see me flailing around and offer a word or two of advice. After a while, I will try to find someone to work with to improve my form. But for now, it’s just up to me to get myself into the pool a few times.

Who knows, maybe a sprint Tri is on the future agenda?!?

Another Month, More Effort

Sunrise in the Nantahala National Forest, NC. Nantahala is Cherokee for “Land of the Noonday Sun” since the sun sometimes reaches the bottom of the deepest parts of the forest at noon.

Sunrise in the Nantahala National Forest, NC. Nantahala is Cherokee for “Land of the Noonday Sun” since the sun sometimes reaches the bottom of the deepest parts of the forest at noon.

August and September were challenging months to actually get workouts done. Not only did Sue travel a few times, but we took Kaite to college in Maine. Then, we traveled to Georgia to finish packing up Sue’s Mom and transported both her and her car to New England over a few days. I took the car and got to travel via Richmond to play for a day. While the drive was somewhat difficult the last day, the time spent with friends in Virginia made the detour totally worthwhile.

Sue and I have gotten back to the gym, just not on a regular basis. I worked from home one Friday that she was out of town and drove myself straight to the YMCA after dropping her off at the airport. I was up before 5, then pushed myself to burn 750+ calories that day – ready to drop early in the evening.

I have an appointment with a trainer at my corporate gym this week, so am looking forward to having a new set of activities that will hopefully work more of my core to reduce the belly and make the runs a bit easier.