Looking Forward

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

I have been working out several times per week, including my first AM / PM bike ride today. Early today was a 5:30 – 6:30 spin class at the YMCA (okay, not officially a SPIN class but an indoor cycling class). The odometer showed 18+ miles during that hour. We did lots of position 2 & 3 with little in the saddle. I was pretty wiped after that, but felt good because I worked really hard during that class.

Then, I came home early and decided that I needed to get on my real bike. It’s a hybrid, Trek brand bike that I’ve had for about 10 years. I had clips installed last year that were compatible with the shoes I purchased for spin class. I have installed Garmin parts for capturing lots of metrics that I’ll cover in a later entry, so know exactly how far and how fast I’ve gone, my cadence and so on. Anyway, I headed out for that ride and realized about three miles out that my legs were dead but I needed to get home. So it was another 7 miles in total that evening for just over 25 for the day. The 10 hours between rides wasn’t enough but I felt great. Two rides in a single day was a new thing for me, but one that I could keep doing over the summer if time and light permits.