A few good weeks and a fall half marathon!

After a few crappy months running, I have had a couple of good runs over the past few weeks, and have committed to two races. Let me start by saying that last week, I ran, if you can call it that, on Sunday. I had ridden my bike a bit over 13 miles on Saturday in 88+ degree heat with something approaching 95% humidity. Since I don’t live in Florida, I normally don’t have to live, yet alone run in this sort of heat index. I was pretty much spent after the Saturday ride, but then proceeded to mow the lawn doing another 2 hours of labor in it. I just couldn’t get enough liquid in me to cool off that evening.

Back to Sunday – I  knew that I needed to get in a good run, so I had good intentions to head out early but was still feeling the ride and outdoor work from the previous day. It was close to 10 AM when I finally got my butt out the door – way too late. I started with a 10:25 mile, and it slowed down from there. The fourth mile was just walking – and a slow one at that. After three miles, I was done – but a mile from home. Note to self – never ever go this late when the heat and humidity is so high.

Tuesday, I took off on my normal 3.7 mile loop. This loop circles the outer streets of an adjoining neighborhood, then into and around the park next to our neighborhoods. There is a path from the streets near my house into the park, then a great loop around the park – about 1.5 miles in circumference. I left 3+ hours earlier, and it was 30+ degrees cooler, sitting right at 52 degrees when I stepped out and practically no humidity. After feeling like a complete failure on Sunday, I regained my confidence with a solid run. It wasn’t fast – just under 11 minute miles, but the slow speed was intentional and I was religious with my 3/1 run/walk ratio. I pushed up the hills but walked when my timer buzzed.

Thursday, I decided to get in some laps on the high school track – going for consistency in effort and a progressive run. The first three miles felt great – it’s 3/4 of a mile to the track, so the first 10:22 mile was rockin’ for me. I followed with a 10:07, then a 9:43 mile which is very fast for me, and a part of that was on the track and rest in the street as I headed to the park and home. My last mile was a  bit over 11 minutes which was fine based on me pushing hard in the 3rd mile.

With these runs under my belt, I have committed to two runs in the future. On Saturday, I’m  heading to a run in nearby Manchester, CT. This is a charity run that was inspired for me my a Groupon (or similar) half priced deal. I’m not ready for it, but need to at least get in some race and pick up a new tee for motivation.

The final run that I’ve committed to is the Hartford Half Marathon in October. While I’ve run this before, it was neither a good run nor was I well prepared. This year, I’m determined to change both. The run is through West Hartford – very different from the race three years ago. Last time, I was trying to run the whole thing and this year, I’m determined to run it using the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run method that I’ve been practicing. My knees and my wife thank me. I’m neither spent, nor sore for a long time after a long run.

So I’m committed – now to figure out which plan I will follow. See you at the Hartford finish line in October!