My 100MPH bike trainer ride

I purchased a little-used stationary bike trainer from a co-worker this fall. While I had no idea if this would work with my current bike, I know that it will work with my soon-to-be-purchased new road bike. I took the trainer out once to look at it, but quickly put it back in the box until I had more time. Since I’m still on vacation, I decided that yesterday was the day to set it up.

The trainer is a Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine model. My co-worker included a Kinetic Turntable Riser Ring to allow for a more level ride, with some ability to simulate a slight incline. After dragging the trainer to the basement and printing the manual, I put it together and figured out how to attach my bike. I replaced the rear axle (what I now know is called the skewer) with a new one purchased from Amazon for about $10.

When looking back on the metrics from my ride, the numbers are way off. 37 MPH average – I don’t think so. 100+ MPH max speed – not even on a motorcycle. At least the time was right – 46 minutes of solid effort. For that, my butt was sore and my legs almost numb immediately after I got off the bike. It does prove that I need to stretch more (consistent problem) and ride more. Hopefully, I will do many more rides like this over the winter and be in solid shape to be outside on my bike come spring.