5K at work

This week, I ran the fourth 5K at work. Our company is a very strong proponent of a healthy lifestyle, not surprisingly since my company is a major insurance company. The first two years, we ran the 5K out of our Connecticut office. Then, it was on a Saturday and had an entry fee to support both tee shirts and a United Way donation. After two years of donating practically no money to the United Way after tee shirt purchases and paying multiple police officers to manage traffic and security, it was determined that this model was not sustainable.

In the second iteration of the 5K, the company determined that a healthy lifestyle was the real goal. So the race would be focused on health, no tee shirts, and held during the work week. Both the CT and MA campuses would have their own events, and would be based on timing of campus construction. The first 5K for our Massachusetts office was held during the fall (so was the Connecticut office’s race), but was moved to the spring this year due to construction scheduled for the fall. The advantage of having a huge campus is that we can run the entire race within the fence that surrounds our buildings with only one spot that is repeated to get the full 5K.

We had beautiful weather and a well organized event – plus over 300 participants in the event this week! This shows the real effort that people are making to live a healthier lifestyle, and most of the participants ran (or were at least listed as a runner, not a walker). My time wasn’t fast (31:11) but kept to just about a 10 minute mile pace. Again, not fast, but respectable considering how little I’ve actually run outside this year. For the first race of the year, I’ll take it.