Sitting on my butt

I am so seemingly unmotivated lately. You see, I am in the process of moving out as part of a divorce (mutually agreed upon), but have been trying to figure out what the heck to take, where to put it, and how to get it there. I have a new apartment that comes with a full gym and indoor lap pool, open from very early in the morning (4:30) until late each evening (10:30) – seven days a week. I will no longer have an excuse for not making it to the gym, once I am actually sleeping in my new apartment.

Yesterday, I figured out that I have no place to put my workout gear without moving the shelf that I currently use in my laundry room to the new place. The problem is that either it is too small for my stuff or I have too much workout gear (say it isn’t so!). I am also moving my bike up there either today or tomorrow, trying to figure out where to put that as well. I have to be careful of not getting dirt on the new carpet, so will need to put something under the wheels.

The one thing that I am both looking forward to yet fearing is swimming. I know that swimming laps is great exercise – zero impact, go at my own pace kind of exercise. With that, I am not looking forward to figuring out exactly how poorly my form is. I never really learned to swim other than to keep from drowning. I can definitely swim some, just not with any form. So, I will get in the water and simply try to figure it out. Maybe some fit person will see me flailing around and offer a word or two of advice. After a while, I will try to find someone to work with to improve my form. But for now, it’s just up to me to get myself into the pool a few times.

Who knows, maybe a sprint Tri is on the future agenda?!?