Back to the Y

My wife and I just joined the local YMCA. We’re both tired of being out of shape and way too heavy. After looking at the local gym options (YMCA and 24-Hour Fitness), we figured out that the Y had better options including multiple pools and many classes. So, we joined last Sunday. Thursday evening we went for the first time.

We were both on treadmills and after a bit of walking, I decided to run a bit. 2 minutes of a slow run and 2 minutes of a faster walk. Run, walk, run, walk. While I never ran faster than 5.7 or 5.8 MPH, it was a start back to running. The 45 minute treadmill workout from Runners’ World I used to do will be back in no time. The wife can’t run – she has a condition called Thalassemia (minor) which is a form mild anemia and doesn’t allow oxygen go bond to her red blood cells. This means that with any heavy exertion due to cardio activities, she can go into an asthma attack. Not good. So, walking, yoga, bike and elliptical machines are where she can do the most good for herself. I’m going to concentrating on running.

Now time to focus on getting back in shape with my wife by my side, at least most of the time.

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